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Yesterday I attended a fast and testimony meeting (via zoom) for the first time in 11 months! It was just so touching to hear the testimonies of these fine European saints. They are so, so strong and they don't even know it. I bore my testimony too, partially because the spirit told me to but also because we got a text from the ward clerk saying "You're up next"

After church we went to the church (something's not quite right about that) and did some genealogy with Bishop Giddey (also via zoom) and he taught us how to find people in graveyards on the Irish census and input their information into! Honestly the spirit was so strong during it. After digging through old Catholic church records and census records and linking everyone together we were able to reserve the temple ordinances for a whole family! So we reached our goal of finding a family this transfer after all!!!

In my excitement to push send and talk to my family last week I didn't properly explain the clarification on "Be ye therefore perfect" in 3 Nephi 12:48! I definitely smashed the verse together with a quote from Jeffery R. Holland about being perfect EVENTUALLY whoops

Aaand anywho i'm out of tiime again! But if you were receiving Sister Syphus's emails two years ago, go back and read them because she served here 7.5 months ago and we're practically working with all the same people!


sister Allen

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