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When the Morning Stars Sang

Out of whose womb came the ice? and the hoary frost of heaven, who hath gendered it?

No really though, where did this crazy weather come from? And also, why is everyone here obsessed with the Seattle Seahawks? If someone could google that for me, and let me know, that'd be grand.

We got a few referrals this week from the church's ad on prayer, good craic! One of our new friends is Mollie and she's actually our age! We've had a really fun time studying the beatitudes together with her this week, which happen to mean "to be fortunate, to be blessed, or to be happy" so if you're struggliny in any of those areas that's a great place to start! They're also considered the "pathway to perfection", but don't let that freak you out!

The Book of Mormon account of this timeless sermon clarifies that we need to "be ye therefore perfect, EVENTUALLY!"

So, don't freak out.

I'm not freaking out, are you freaking out? Ok, I'm kind of freaking out. But great news! We found the BEST sourdough bread in Derry Londonderry! Or possibly Northern Ireland!

Hast thou perceived the breadth of the earth? declare if thou knowest it all.

Going out on a limb here but assuming this verse in Job 38 DOESN'T have anything to do with like, BREAD bread, but you know what? I don't know the breadth of the earth yet. I've probably never tasted the best sourdough bread of the earth, (or maybe I have) but you know what? That's ok!

BECAUSE, as one of the verses of my favourite songs goes, there are far, far better (breader?) things ahead than what I leave (leaven?) behind --

And it's true!

So just when you think you're not perfect enough or that you haven't seen enough of the world, or tasted enough bread, just remember that we have like, SO MUCH time to change that and the best IS yet to come.

We baked muffins for some returning members this week, we baked some cookies for ourselves this week, and we had exchanges with the Cavehill/Antrim STLs and I got to teach one of my favourite families in Antrim! They remembered my muffins! If that's the legacy I leave behind, I can definitely live with that. THERE ARE MUFFIN TINS HERE!

Hmm this was kind of a weird week to be real, but hey!

[Remember] when the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy? (Job 38:7)

YOU WERE THERE! And you were one of the children of God shouting for joy! You CHOSE to come to earth! I like to remember that when things get tough, or honestly just read the Old Testament because it makes me laugh.

Anywho, I'll probably be doing like a Bob Ross paint night or something on FB live this Saturday, so keep your eyes (and potatoes) peeled for that.

Be of good cheer, (and please pray for Jeff)

Sister Allen

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